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Hi! We're Thomas & Jordan.

We are a young couple who cares about sustainable living, eating closely to the earth, and spending as much time outside as possible. In 2020 we started a farm on 10 acres in Eagle, Idaho for the purpose of feeding ourselves, our loved ones, and any neighbors with a desire to forge an honest relationship with their food and the people who grow it. Our name embodies what we want for ourselves, our animals, and members of our community: a simple, honest, well-lived life. 



Good Life Farms is a 10-acre farmstead in Eagle, Idaho. Our growing method is all-natural, low waste, and nutrition-centric. What this means is that we grow without pesticides or fungicides, and rely instead on compost from our organic materials, manure, and happy colony of red wigglers. All of our seeds are organic. We are currently home to over 60 lovely chickens, a happy little farm dog, two cows, two cats, two goats and over 30 edible plant varieties. 

We believe that it is important to understand the origins of your food. We also believe that if more young people grew gardens and worked within their communities to buy locally, the world would become a more robust, sustainable place. We invite our neighbors to join us on the farm to take part in the Good Life!




Simple, local living.



Pasture-raised animals.



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